Jimmy Flipshyt

A fusion of the wildest boom bap and experimental hip-hop with a sneaky soul, funk and reggae tip, brings alive the Jimmy Flipshyt corruption well and truly.

Never going astray, his token sunglasses, beanies and sounds from the floor ring true in the studio, bouncing off a solid hip-hop and rap figure from the ground up. The deserved name has beaten its drum as Cairns label partner in Beat Basement Records and renowned corner stone of the scene, before recently hauling his studio to Melbourne.

Throughout his time in Germany and all the way to the place he now calls home in Australia, the Jimmy Flipshyt profile has raged in with abundance. Drawing his decades of old-school hip hop and underground beats, this avid record collector holds the needle in place, raking inspiration from those who secured the sound from the beginning of time. Keeping it simple, repetitive and strong, in an organic flow, the Flipshyt notion resonates. There is no denying the prominent boom bap drum sounds, that carry from the room when Flipshyt is in the DJ booth. With every set Flipshyt is staking out his patch with flawless and consistent playlists of traditional beats and experimental sounds, seasoned with spontaneous juggles and carefully placed cuts. He has taken this aura from the walls of the club console, supporting the likes of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Layla & Dazastah, One-Sixth, Ladi 6, High Focus and Xhibit, to the studio, where the developing sound of Jimmy Flipshyt is on cue.

On the EP front, joint venture with Sydney rapper Context, as Context & Jimmy Flipshyt the explosive alarms ring loud. Highlighting their roots ?The Shadows? and ?Fire In The Basement? reeled in the musical intelligence, giving solid traction cross the industry. The later went crazy with hip-hop?s finest online vinyl stores stocking the EP, while Triple J?s Hip Hop show took it for a spin following the success on ?Unearthed? since its release in August 2014. Matrix, Diggis and more have called on the Flipshyt skill while his scratches have been in demand for the likes of Canberra?s Toddla and Stateovmind as well as Cairns artist Diggis and Apollo Grimez.

With a EP 'The Escape' with Cairns rapper Ponch The Dutch on the launch pad, on to a new producer album 'Wachoo know about James Turner?' which features Planet Asia, Sadat X and fresh MC?s from across the land - the vinyl release will be coming on as a beast. The upcoming lunacy from the Jimmy Flipshyt camp is strong.

photo credit: Pappi-razzi